For Small Business

Businesses today are struggling to survive and grow in a highly competitive and complex market. Security, particularly from cybercrime, is an important concern but there’s not always an IT pro on staff to focus on the problem. This could leave a business buried in complexity, under-protected, and vulnerable. Security for business needs to be user-friendly, painless to deploy, easy to configure and manage, yet powerful in its protection and performance.

Kaspersky Lab provides a robust anti-malware protection suite designed to keep your business running right out of the box, regardless of your IT expertise! Kaspersky products provide the best protection from internet threats while delivering the lowest Total Cost of Protection by providing:

  • Deep Protection – pre-configured with security policies that provide immediate, intelligent protection against emerging and increasingly sophisticated threats.
  • Superior Performance – improves productivity and agility.
  • Easy to use management tools – automated protection from a central console allows you to focus on your business, not your security.
  • Deployment in a Snap – wizard-driven tools that install Kaspersky across the entire office quickly and easily.


For Large Business (More than 100 nodes)

In today’s ever-changing IT world, organizations are faced with less capital and fewer resources to manage increasingly complex environments. Virtualization, multiple OS’s, diverse platforms and hyper-mobile users are pushing the boundaries of the traditional protected enterprise – putting corporate assets at more risk than ever before.

At every layer of your enterprise, Kaspersky puts you in control by delivering superior, intelligent protection against emerging and increasingly sophisticated threats, backed by relentless anti-malware expertise. Kaspersky provides unified, granular management for holistic visibility and pre-emptive risk control of the IT environment, enhancing IT flexibility and improving business productivity and agility. Kaspersky’s powerful platform gives you peace of mind while lowering your Total Cost of Protection by providing:

  • Intelligent Protection – Our superior, intelligent technology keeps emerging threats out of your environment, keeping your data safe and your business running
  • Superior Performance – Optimized to keep network traffic flowing and employees working, maximizing hardware investments and increasing virtual densities.
  • Comprehensive Management – Granular management at every layer with holistic visibility and pre-emptive risk control
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Unified technology that supports the widest range of operating systems and mobile platforms across your enterprise.

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