Watch Guard

When companies need proven network security solutions they turn to WatchGuard. We provide excellent reliability, service, support, and innovation for our customers, with a wide range of products to suit their specific business requirements.


  • Quickly identifies failures at any point along the application or transaction path and reacts proactively.
  • Prevents application session disruption and Ensures transaction completion.
  • Reduces risk, lowers cost, improves resource utilization and simplifies IT administration.


  • Schedule an appointment for a remote installation consultation at your convenience, and an experienced Alliance technician will assist you over the phone.
  • Review your needs, configure and test your product, while educating you on how to achieve the best performance.

HB SOLUTIONS offers the comprehensive security portfolio of Cyberoam. Cyberoam security portfolio meets both the network and endpoint protection requirements of organizations with its wide range of product offerings.Cyberoam enables organizations to have high levels of security with visibility across the organization.


  • Enables ease of use and secure configuration for better security.
  • Offers secure continuous connectivity with failover and load balancing capabilities.
  • Ensure the most efficient security implementation.
  • Minimize deployment-related vulnerabilities and service interruptions.
  • Get optimum performance from all deployed products.


  • We Provide support by providing updates or helping with installations and sharing our expertise to give you the very best protection available.
  • Professional Services ensures that our solutions are implemented, upgraded and configured in line with best practices.
  • Services can be delivered on site or remotely and which ensure the maximum return on your organization’s investment.
  • Allows archiving and customized security control to achieve cost effective and secure communication mechanism.